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B Darbs thinks he’s hilarious

So, Halifax’s first Burger Week has come and gone. Despite my love of burger I ate but three, just enough to get entered in the contest for the big green egg, a contest that I sadly did not win. Guess it’s back to the homemade smoker for us. No complaints here. And whats my verdict? No surprise, I remain on the Ace Burger train. Don’t get me wrong. There’s some great burgers out there. Everything from classic diner to pb topped to triple pork madness. But there’s so much more to a burger than a patty on a bun.

What makes the best burger? First, I wholeheartedly believe it needs to be based on fresh, local ingredients. With the recent beef recall plus the horse meat scandal, there is no better reason to start eating local meat. In fact, have a read of what Chris de Waal from Getaway Meat Mongers has to say in the new Rustik Magazine. Another reason Ace ranks so high, the simplicity. I hate line ups, especially unnecessary ones. So if I have to wait to get my burger while folks try to decipher a million toppings, I’m just going to go somewhere else. Not that I mind waiting for quality. I waited 45 minutes at Ace during Burger Week but Bridge beer in hand and a table full of friends, I was a happy camper.

At Ace, you don’t need all those wacky toppings because the team has crafted a simple menu of amazing burgers to suit anyone’s taste. Pork, chicken, lamb, veggie, beef, seafood, all covered. I’ve actually tasted all the Ace burgers, some more than twice. Insatiable. They may even know me by name. While the deluxe is literally the best damn burger in the city, I quite fancy the classic. I think it says a lot that the burger can stand alone without the addition of cheese and bacon. Blasphemy I know but it’s the god damn truth. I also love the pork with flavours reminiscent of a banh mi as well as the crunchy smoked tarter topped clam po’ boy. Honestly, every single Ace burger is perfectly prepared and deliciously satisfying. 

But it just gets better because they’ve recently started running monthly burger features. At present, it’s a venison burger cut with duck fat and topped with crispy carrot strings, juniper roasted mushrooms, and garlic mayo. Ever since reading that first tweet, I knew it had to be mine. Three days later and, sure enough, it blew my mind. What a flavour powerhouse. I can’t say this enough, get your ass over there and GET SOME.

There you have it folks: take an amazing menu of simple yet creative, locally sourced burgers, add to that ridiculous features and the nicest, coolest staff out there, and you’ve got yourself The Best Damn Burger in the City. Lucky, for you today is the last day to have your voice heard in the year’s Best of Food survey brought to you by The Coast. If you’re still are not convinced, get over to Ace and prove me wrong. I dare ya. I double dog dare ya. 

And fyi, yours truly is up for Best Local Food Blog. Wink wink nudge nudge.

{UPDATE} Holy shit. Ace Burger Co dethroned the long time champion to take home the gold for Best Burger in the City. What did I tell ya?

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