DINE | playing with your vegetables


Got plans next Saturday? Well you do now.

It’s a showcase of Nova Scotia, a novel way to experience its fresh, local flavours.

With the Fall Wine Festival in full swing and the autumn harvest hitting the markets, chefs Mark Grey of Brooklyn Warehouse and Chef Dave Smart of Front & Central are bringing you an all local, all vegetarian, all gluten free, wine paired dinner of epic proportions. Now don’t go leaving the page just because I said the v word. What have you got against vegetables anyway?

The thing is, this dinner isn’t about the fact that’s it’s vegetarian or gluten free. It’s not even about convincing anyone to adopt such a diet. Rather, it’s a showcase of Nova Scotia, a novel way to experience its fresh, local flavours. From the locally sourced camelina oil to the thoughtfully paired Nova Scotian wines, this is a meal for anyone excited about local food. 

It’s no surprise I love me some Brooklyn Warehouse and I was equally impressed when I ate at Front & Central but a few months ago when I sat down with Mark and Dave to chat, they pretty much blew my mind. Though I do cook for a living, it was clear these two were in a whole other realm of cooking where classical techniques meet modern approaches, where foam and sous vide and dehydration are simply part of their everyday, where daikon can come to resemble scallops and eggplant, beef. Kalamata olive powder? Shallot ash? I mean c’mon, how does that not get you excited? 

However, the big question remains. Can a meal void of all meat and seafood be exciting and delicious and memorable? I’m sure as hell willing to find out. Besides, even meat-loving Bourdain himself didn’t notice he ate an entirely vegetarian meal at Majda in Jerusalem in the new season of Parts Unknown. Exactly my point. 

But don’t listen to me. Tune into Global Halifax’s Morning News tomorrow at 815 am and let Mark and Dave convince you themselves. But honestly, with these two behind the line, what more convincing do you need. 

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