DISH | Roasted Mushroom Tart with Béchamel and Fried Sage

roasted mushroom tart-4

Why hello there sexy mushrooms. 

Does it get any better than a variety of mixed mushrooms roasted with aromatic herbs, garlic and lemon, each one a flavor powerhouse, an umami bomb. I didn’t think so. But then add to that cheesy béchamel, a flaky buttery crust, savory fried sage, and you’ve got a vegetarian main worthy of any holiday feast. Alternatively, whip up this up as an appetizer and show those friends of yours you can take on Martha any day. 

But you won’t find the recipe here. See, that’s why it’s been so quiet round here; I’ve been given so many amazing opportunities lately and it’s probably time I share them with you. This gorgeous mushroom tart recipe for Mushrooms Canada is just one of those incredible partnerships I’ve been meaning to tell you about. Because if there is one thing I love, it’s mushrooms. In everything.

Tomorrow on the Mushrooms Canada blog you’ll find everything you need to know about this roasted mushroom tart with béchamel and fried sage. I’d bookmark that now if I were you. You may just find yourself spending hours perusing all the other incredible mushroom recipes from fellow Canadian bloggers.

Eat all the mushrooms. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.

roasted mushroom tart roasted mushroom tart roasted mushroom tart


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