DISH | Simple pleasures + extra old cheddar, bacon & avocado grilled cheese

grilled cheese-8

Cheese just isn’t about entertaining, it’s about comfort. It’s about those simple every day pleasures that wrap us up in a warm blanket and let us know everything’s all right. It’s no surprise comfort foods like mac n’ cheese and pizza are so popular. Same goes for the classic grilled cheese. 

I can’t think of a much more perfect grilled cheese than this. Local applewood smoked bacon from Oulton’s, easily my favourite bacon for miles, creamy avocado, and sharp extra old PEI cheddar. Hit that with some sriracha mayo and you’ve got the grilled cheese mastered. 

The funny thing is I was never a huge fan of grilled cheese. There was something about the whole fried bread thing. As a kid I couldn’t deal. Even those planting mornings when we’d grill up batch after batch, you wouldn’t find me biting. That was until a fried egg and bacon found their way into the cheesy blanket. 

With two or three varieties always on hand, cheese is pretty much a staple in our house. Recently the cheese drawer is overflowing with a ridiculous selection of Canadian cheese. Among them, the Cow’s extra old cheddar is sharp and as tasty as cheddar aged two years can get. It is so at home in the grilled cheese that I’m not sure I’ll be eating it any other way. 

But that fridge full of award wining cheese isn’t just a coincidence. I’m stoked to announce that eathalifax is teaming up with Dairy Farmers’ of Canada for one epic instagram campaign. Along with a slew of other cheese ambassadors – I’m pretty sure I want that on a badge – we plan to take over instagram with nothing but Canadian cheese. You are not going to want to miss this.

With Cheesemus also on the horizon, Winter is shaping up to be quite the cheese fest. Yes, Cheesemus, it’s a thing. Now in it’s third year, Cheesemus puts those regular dinner party cheese boards to shame. You have no idea. No doubt a pic or two will make it’s way into the cheese -fuelled instagram feed so get yourself over to instagram and follow along. If somehow you’ve managed to resist instagram’s temptress call, all the cheese action can also be found on the Dairy Farmers’ of Canada site.  

Let’s get this cheese party started shall we?

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