DINE | In search of the best wings in the city: Wingdings


Well, the football season has begun and you all know what that means. Sundays get taken over by football and game day snacks. I’m not quite sure how I lucked out but I landed a man whom watches no sports. Zip. Except, of course, for the Habs making playoffs in which case he paces around like a crazy person. Rather, Sundays for us mean big breakfasts full of eggs and bacon and beans and hash browns followed by a lazy day on the couch watching movie after movie. Certainly not a loud bar full of giant screens and buckets of wings.

So, being tasked with seeking out the best wings in the city for Food Bloggers of Canada’s monthly restaurant roundup was quite the challenge. I’m not quite sure why but I rarely crave wings. Like ever. Sure, I’ve had some good wings in my day like the spicy red curry wings our pal Ian whipped up for us in New Zealand and honestly fried chicken of any variety is delicious. Still it’s the last thing I think to order. Needless to say I had no idea where the best wings in the city were and not about to scour the city in search of them.

Nothing else to do but call in the reinforcements. 

In this case there was but one person to call, the Halifax Wingman. Yes, he exists and his sole purpose, his pièce de résistance is doing just that, finding the best damn wings around. Judging by his blog where he was scored over 70 wings, he takes this task rather seriously. 

Lucky for me, The Wingman and his lovely lady were kind enough to meet me to chat all things wings. So here we are, his number one spot, Wingdings. (I should mention, however, that his previous number one, the Pogue Fado, has since closed up shop.)

wingdings-1Tucked away in Cole Harbour on the Forrest Hills Parkway, the recently opened (March I think) Wingdings certainly gives the franchise first impression though that is in no way a bad thing. The restaurant is on the small side with some personal touches, the obligatory ‘wall of flame’, a couple of TVs and a relaxed atmosphere. When I find out that wingding means a lavish or lively party or celebration it all makes sense. The owner, Jerry Thibeault soon recognizes the infamous Wingman and comes to say hi. He’s super nice and and a local, making it all the more sweet that I’m writing this review. 

The menu includes much more than wings from the Newfie poutine to a selection of wraps to salads but the real stars are obviously the wings. Available regular, naked, and boneless, there’s well over 100 sauces and rubs to choose from. What a decision that was. I’m a look at the menu before you go kind of gal so this was no easy task. Luckily, my guests had patience. 

I loved the option for dry rubs so I opted for a rub of Jamaican Jerk with a smokey maple sauce on the side. I gotta say, these wings were great. Crunchy exterior, juicy interior. I’m amazed at myself for pretty much cleaning those bones dry, a real stray from the norm. The 2 chile spice rated Jamaican Jerk was delicious yet not very spicy. Then again, I’ve been upping my spice game lately so perhaps my palate has adjusted. The sauce wasn’t my favorite, with a rather odd aftertaste perhaps from a little too much liquid smoke, but hell there’s 99 more to choose from. I certainly wouldn’t let that deter me from a second visit and, with Brent a tad jealous of my ‘date’, a return visit is already in order. 

wingdings-4The Wingman also opted for the dry rub, sauce on the side action: roasted garlic pepper with Frank’s honey mustard. With nothing but a pile of bare bones left, I’d say he enjoyed them. 

wingdings-3Apparently the wings are a tad pricier here, though at $12.99/lb, they’re only a buck more expensive than the current Coast ‘Best Chicken Wings’ title holder, Bubba Rays. Plus, wing night Wednesday will get ’em to you a buck cheaper. With Wingdings recruiting more and more fans and the infamous Wingman on their side, no doubt they’ll give the current champ a run for their money. 

If you’re looking to get in on the wing game, head on over to the Wingman’s blog. He even has a listing of all the wing nights in the city. Your game day just got more exciting. 

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